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My exhibition photos for "Somerset's Glorious Wildlife" exhibition

These are the photos which I chose to display at a 5-day exhibition in May called "Somerset's Glorious Wildlife" at Shapwick Church. The exhibition was organised by Richard Tweedy and featured many fantastic photographers. I was happy and proud to have my photos displayed alongside them all. It really did show how much amazing wildlife we have in Somerset.


Deer at Sunset by R.A.Wood Photography. Wildlife Photo captured at Ham Wall Nature Reserve Somerset.
Deer at Sunset

The "Deer at Sunset" was taken at Ham Wall Nature Reserve. This is the only deer I have seen at Ham Wall on my visits so far and I was lucky enough for it to stay still and pose while I got a few photos. I love the way the light falls on it as it's looking behind at me.


Heron In Flight by R.A.Wood Photography. Wildlife photograph captured at Carymarsh Nature Reserve, Castle Cary Somerset. Bird photography of a heron flying of into the sunset with a small fish.
Heron In Flight

Heron In Flight was captured at Carymarsh Nature Reserve, Castle Cary. A Beautiful heron flying off with a fish into the beautiful spring sunset. I love the golden light and the way the tree frames the heron as it flies away to enjoy its catch.


A Fox Posing for a Picture by R.A.Wood Photography, Castle Cary, Somerset. A wildlife photograph of a beautiful wild fox posing for a photo.
Posing for a Picture

A stunning fox Posing for a Picture on a local walk from my house. This was my first photograph of a fox! It was a great moment when it walked over to me and sat like this. I couldn't believe my luck. It sat like this for about a minute just looking at me, then just ran away across the fields.


Leaping Deer by R.A.Wood Photography. Wildlife photography captured at Carymarsh Nature Reserve, Castle Cary, Somerset.
Leaping Deer

A deer leaping through the air at Carymarsh Nature Reserve. This image is composed of two images blended together, capturing the graceful way deer run. I always love to see deer when I'm out but don't get many encounters like this.


A Grasshopper by R.A.Wood Photography Castle Cary Somerset.

I included this picture of a grasshopper as I wanted to show the small creatures that are often forgotten. I love the colours of this tiny insect which makes up an important part of the ecosystem.


White Butterfly by R.A.Wood Photography. Somerset insect and Wildlife photography.
White Butterfly

A beautiful White Butterfly drinking the nectar of a blossoming hedgerow. This photograph was captured down Carymarsh Nature Reserve. I love the way the butterfly is resting on the flower and the contrast of colours.


R.A.Wood Photography photos on display at the Somerset Glorious Wildlife exhibition at St Marys Church, Shapwick, Somerset. Featuring Deer, Heron, Fox, Butterfly and Grasshopper.
My photos on display at the exhibition

It was a great experience to have been featured in the exhibition, which will hopefully be the first of many more for me. Thank you once again to Richard Tweedy for allowing me to feature my work and be a small part of this fantastic event.

Don't forget to share these pictures with your animal loving friends and follow me on social media pages. Also if you would like to purchase one of the photos above and it is not in my shop please contact me and I will be more than happy to help.

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